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In Southern California, Window Tint is not a luxury, it is a NECESSITY. With hot summer days, window tint becomes something that not only looks great on cars, but also relives extreme temperatures in your vehicle. Being in this industry for over 30 years, we have tested many products. But we feel confident that Huper Optik Autobahn Window Films, is not only the best Product on the market, but also for 2 decades, have proven to be one of the most respected and desired Window Film Companies. Fresh Window Tint & Paint Protection Films Inc. strives to provide the best products available in todays market. But we also understand that times are changing. To adjust to these new times, we have completely eliminated any Dyed / Carbon films from our line up. We are only providing Ceramic Products from here on out.

Why Window Tint?

Because as Southern California gets hotter, we all want to stay cooler. New Tech Cars also require films that are safe for all your electronics. We want to ensure that none of our films interrupt, or cause errors in your vehicles. As we transition into an all electric car era, all new vehicles are consistently connected to the internet. By using low grade window films, you are risking some of these features that your new car has to not work. We want our films to not only look great, reduce heat, but also be safe for your vehicle, as most new vehicles have an immense amount of technology built into them.

UVA & UVB + IR Rejection

All of our window films, come with a staggering 99.9% UVA & UVB Protection. Which means, this not only will be great for your vehicle, but also your skin.
One such situation is riding in a car. You may not know that while window glass blocks most UVB rays, the ones that can burn you, UVA rays, which can cause tanning and premature aging, still can get through. (Both UVB and UVA rays cause skin damage that can lead to skin cancer.) Window Tint is an effective solution that’s often underused.
IR rejection is the newest technology available for Window Films. This will ensure that the temperature in your vehicle stays low. Although, nothing beats the sun heat, the combination of UVA UVB IR and Also Heat Rejection, will continuously keep your car feeling cooler inside.


By only carrying Ceramic Products, this will ensure that not only do you get privacy on the outside of your vehicle, but clarity front the inside out. Ceramic films give you the luxury of having real dark tint on the outside, but being able to have pristine clarity when looking out of it. Clarity, is really important when choosing a ceramic product. There are some companies that sell “ceramic” but in reality are using carbon films. Carbon films have a milky, cloudy look from the inside out. Which is how you are able to determine lower end products. True Ceramic Films, will give you great clarity from the inside out.
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