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Keramik X Ceramic Coatings: Autobahn

Autobahn™ Keramik X is a clear, nano-ceramic coating that permanently bonds with surfaces providing superb scratch resistance, superior hydrophobicity and chemical/oxidation resistance. With its increased active ingredients, Keramik X can achieve better performance, with fewer layers, than any other brand on the market.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

To understand ceramic coatings, it’s helpful to first look at the most common paint-protection products. 
Wax is organic and the most affordable, available in various forms ranging from an old-school paste to a quick-and-easy spray. For decades, “waxing” a car has been synonymous with keeping it looking shiny and new.
Unfortunately, wax isn’t terribly durable and, therefore, should be applied multiple times per year. Some companies claim otherwise but environmental contaminants and even a harsh soap can easily break through that thin wax barrier. 
Sealants, on the other hand, are synthetic and developed to last several months. They are easily applied, though typically don’t offer the same deep shine one gets from a quality wax.

Both are outmatched by a ceramic coating. This silica-based liquid polymer is applied by hand and cures to form a protective layer that, when properly maintained, can be effective for several years.

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

That long-lasting protection is the main reason car owners choose a ceramic coating over the other options. Essentially a hard shell, a ceramic coating will prevent water stains, road grime, bird droppings, and other substances from reaching and harming the paint. With a quick rinse, they’ll simply slide right off.
And that brings us to an interesting word: hydrophobic. Typically, anything related to “phobic” has a negative connotation, but in this case it’s all positive. A ceramic coating will create a hydrophobic layer that essentially repels water, meaning mineral deposits and dirt have less opportunity to damage the paint surface.

Why Ceramic Coat your Vehicle?

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Paint Protection Films. This is it. Ceramic Coating can give your car a high gloss finish, achieving a showroom look after every wash. When doing ceramic coating, or looking for ceramic coating, it is important to Paint Correct a vehicle before applying the product. What this means is, Paint Correcting a vehicle requires the vehicle to have all oxidants, most scratches, and swirls removed. This will ensure that the Ceramic Coating will bond to your paint. Creating a smooth shell, that will prevent the vehicle from future scratches and swirls. Although, even after a car is treated in ceramic coating, a vehicle can still obtain scratches and swirls, but this is due to negligence when cleaning the vehicle or properly maintaining it. We always recommend that you have a dedicated detailer, that maintains your vehicle once we have applied ceramic coating.

How long does Ceramic Coating Last?

Generally, if treated and maintained correctly. We estimate that Ceramic Coating can last up to 5 years with proper maintenance. There are also product that are built for shorter term. It is always good to ask what product is being used, as some products can be a 1 year product. Fresh Window Tint & Paint Protection Films Inc. Does not carry 1 year ceramic coating products. We always strive to provide the best products on the market and continuously look for products that last up to 5 years.

What is the turn around time to do Ceramic Coating?

Typically we ask for 24 hours, and can ask up to 72 hours depending on the severity of the paint. But also, the amount of treatments that the clientele is requesting. We provide ceramic coating for exterior paint, wheels, calipers and also window treatment. Different paints will result in different quotes.

"I just got my car, my paint is perfect, so I don’t need Paint Correction"

Although we understand a lot of our clients receive new vehicles. Most of these vehicles have been stranded in ports, and have been watered down or dreadfully washed with old / used products. Most of the vehicles we get in, even when brand new, do come with some paint imperfections. By Paint Correcting the vehicle, we eliminate anything on the surface that the naked eye will not see. Our white glove treatment on every vehicle, you can expect us to find even things that most perfectionist will not see. Our job is to make sure that we have your paint looking at its absolute best, before sealing it with Ceramic Coating.
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