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Paint Protection Films

Regardless of Automotive Manufacture, there is no better paint job, than the one that comes from the factory. Protecting your original paint is the single most effective thing you can do to protect and save your investment. We always recommend when looking for Paint Protection Films, to get this treatment done as soon as possible. The longer you postpone or procrastinate, the higher the chances your new factory paint will get damaged. One rock chip, can cause damage to your beautiful paint, or worse if you have several chips, this can now affect the way your paint protection will look once applied.
On luxury vehicles, sports vehicles and exotics, Paint Protection Films are an absolute necessity.
At Fresh Window Tint & Paint Protection Films: We offer Clear Glossy Paint Protection Films By XPEL. For a natural gloss finish, we use XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS.
If you desire the Matte / Satin Frozen Look, the film of choice would be XPEL STEALTH. This will transform your vehicle from a Glossy finish, to a Matte / Satin finish.
XPEL paint protection film is self-healing. This means that small scratches inflicted on the film will disappear thanks to the self-healing proprieties in the product. This self heal feature will happen naturally with a little heat exposure out in the sun. You may also pour some hot water on to the affected area, to achieve similar results.

What is Paint Protection Films?

Paint Protection Films also known as PPF, is a clear film that is applied on the exterior of the vehicle. This film, can deter scratches, impacts, scratches, and swirls to the paint of your vehicle. PPF is virtually invisible. There are many PPF products on the market, but not all are made the same, and some although advertise long lasting, can actually be short lasting products. We always recommend clients to do their research on not only the products, but also who is installing these products.

What areas of the vehicle can I PPF?

You can PPF a whole vehicle. But most vehicles only require the FULL FRONT END. This will cover the Whole Hood, Front Bumper, Front Fenders, Side Mirrors and Headlights.
A Full Front End can do wonders for your vehicle. There are some vehicles for which we will recommend doing the whole vehicle. Such as ultra luxury vehicles, exotics and rare paint job vehicles.

How long does it take to PPF my Vehicle?

If we are doing a full front end, we will only require 24 hours. There are times when a client will ask for a few extra pieces, which should still fall in line with our 24 hour return promise. But when a vehicle requires the whole car to be treated. We will ask for 72 hours or even up to a week.

"I have a quote that’s much cheaper than yours, they said it’s a KIT?"

Although we strive to have great prices for our clients, we also understand that not all quality is the same. We do not offer Software KIT’s. Software Kits do not come with wrapped edges, and also have many gaps that do not require extensive experience and skill to install. Every vehicle that comes in and we treat it with Paint Protection Films, we do our best to wrap as many edges as possible, and also get as close to the edge without having to disassemble a vehicle. Most of our clients do not want their vehicle disassembled, which is why there are times we can not wrap an edge. Again, a kit is not wrapped edges, a kit is a software pattern that does leave major gaps in most edges.

Do you do CUSTOM PPF on specialty vehicles?

Absolutely, we have very high end clientele. Some of their vehicles will require full disassembly of the vehicle. For this we will definitely ask for more time, more material, and also we will have a custom price for this particular vehicle.
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